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Electroneum (symbol ETN) is a mobile-centric cryptocurrency built from the ground up for global mass adoption by making cryptocurrency easy to use.  Electroneum can be mined with a smartphone with almost no technical knowledge or prior experience. Additionally, Electroneum supports instant payments, a game-changer for cryptocurrencies.
3D Presales
A Critical A-Z Field Guide for Technology Presales Professionals
This is BS!
No problem!  We understand that cryptocurrencies are still young and challenging.  You can get 3D Presales on Amazon and iBooks using the links at the top of the page.
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1. Get an Electroneum Wallet
Go to, select Create Account and complete the signup form.

2. Purchase some Electroneum (ETN)
You can purchase ETN using Paypal here.  The price changes, but 1000 ETN should work for now.  If you buy more, there are going to be many more places & items to purchase using ETN in the near future.

3. Get the Book with ETN!
Go to this page, add the book to the cart, view the cart, proceed to checkout, then complete shipping details.
On Order & Payment, select Place Order.  Pay with Electroneum is automatically selected.
Click on the QR Code, Login (if not already) and Complete the payment.
Return to the awaiting payment screen and select 'I've Made the Payment'.

CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU!  You have helped grow the adoption of cryptocurrency!
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